About The Project

After enormous response from Facebook, we present pictures of abandoned shoes, taken with an iPhone, from around the Redfern postcode 2016. A performance piece started in 2011, it did not take long before Shoes Of Redfern was receiving contributions from around the world.

It’s worthwhile noting that the ‘art’ is not in these photos themselves – rather, Shoes Of Redfern ‘happens’ at that brief moment of finding and taking the image. This collection of photos simply reminds us what has happened and is happening here in Redfern, and around the world.

We at Shoes Of Redfern gratefully acknowledge the support and dedication of the citizen journalists from around the corner and across the globe, and their eagle eyes. Spotted once, abandoned shoes just start to jump out at you.

For any enquiries please contact me.

The icon is Saint Anthony of Padua, patron saint of lost and stolen articles.

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